Carlson Thoo

Carlson Thoo

Yacht Celebration Ideas in Singapore


Planning a special event and looking for an unforgettable venue? Consider the unique charm of celebrating on a yacht in Singapore! Yacht celebrations offer a blend of luxury, privacy, and stunning views of the city skyline and the open sea.…

Yacht Party Outfit Guide

Are you gearing up for a yacht party in Singapore and wondering what to wear? Picking the right outfit is key to enjoying the glamorous setting while feeling comfortable and stylish. Yacht parties are a unique blend of luxury and…

The Best Places to View Fireworks in Singapore


Welcome to a journey through the most breathtaking spots in Singapore to witness the spectacular fireworks displays that light up our skyline! Singapore is renowned for its dazzling fireworks, especially during special events like National Day and New Year’s Eve.…

The Psychology of Yachting

In the bustling city-state of Singapore, yachting emerges as a breath of fresh air, offering an escape from the rapid urban lifestyle. For many, it represents a journey into tranquility, an opportunity to connect with the serene beauty of the…

The Art of Yacht Interior Design

Welcome to the world of yacht interior design, a realm where luxury meets creativity on the high seas. This fascinating field goes beyond ordinary interior design, combining aesthetics with the practical needs of a maritime environment. Singapore, with its beautiful…

The Evolution of Yacht Design


Yachting has long captured the imagination of people around the world, and Singaporeans are no exception. This article takes you on a journey through the evolution of yacht design, from its humble beginnings to the luxurious vessels we see today.…



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