Kevin Tan

Kevin Tan

Questions To Ask Before Renting a Fishing Boat

Boat fishing or fishing trip is beginning to trend in Singapore. Aside from anglers and fishing enthusiasts, some just want to experience fishing for the fun of it. But no matter what your motivation is, you need a reliable fishing…

Ways to Avoid Seasickness When Yachting

Nothing can spoil a dream cruise or vacation at sea like seasickness. Many sailors, no matter how many times they’ve been to sea, can still suffer from seasickness due to the ship’s motion. It’s like an amusement park ride that…

9 Island Getaway Ideas around Singapore


It’s simple to get sucked into the rat race here in Singapore. We’re giving you the go-ahead to check out of daily life and into a private island resort for those times when city living gets too much. Short getaways…

How to Berth a Boat Like a Pro

It’s the end of a long day on the water and you’re ready to dock the boat that you rented from the boat hire Singapore company. You know what you have to do, but somehow everything goes wrong. The boat…

Where to Rent a Yacht in Singapore

If you want to know where to rent yacht in Singapore, check out B.O.B. Marine Yacht Charter, a yacht charter Singapore company. They provide one of the most affordable and value-for-money deals for a yacht rental. They aim to share…



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