What comes together with a yacht rental?

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What can you do onboard a yacht?

Plenty! Every boat has a fridge and icebox so you may always have cool drinks on hand.

The majority of the boats also feature music systems for your favourite songs, and some have karaoke rooms. So feel free to sing as much and as loudly as you like throughout the length of the boat charter!

You may always take a nap on the sundeck and get a tan if you’re wanting to unwind and take in the sea breeze.

Once the boat docks, you can continue the fun on the water as most yachts provide kayaks and stand-up paddleboards as well as other water toys. Additionally, some versions include jet skis that you may hire as an add-on.

You might also decide to swim in the ocean to improve your technique. You may tour the Lazarus and St. John’s Islands if you don’t mind getting wet. You don’t get to explore these gorgeous, deserted beaches every day unless you charter a ship to travel to these islands.

You are welcome to bring your own snacks and beverages with you! We don’t have a corkage fee, so you’re welcome to bring your own alcohol (other than red wine).

But you may choose the BBQ add-on if you feel that bringing your own food is a nuisance. Take note that only the staff will be permitted to prepare meals onboard owing to insurance restrictions.

What is the sailing schedule?

The typical route with a 4-hour minimum rental period looks something like this:

15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time

Make sure to arrive early so you can meet the staff. Then they’ll lead you over to the yacht.

Yacht clubs are not situated in the same area. You will thus meet the crew at either ONE°15 Marina Club or Marina in Keppel Bay, depending on the boat you are renting.

You are welcome to use the time before your event to decorate the yacht. For this, we often allow up to 30 minutes. You’ll need to reserve the yacht for a longer duration if you require extra time.

Safety information

The skipper and crew will give you a briefing on the dos and don’ts once you and your guests have settled down at your convenience aboard the yacht.

Set off on a voyage to the Southern Islands.

After that, you’ll depart from the Marina and cruise to the Southern Islands. You’ll pass past lesser islands including Kusu, St. John’s, and Sisters’ Islands along the trip. The entire trip should take 20 to 25 minutes.

At Lazarus Island

Feel free to go into the ocean for a swim once the crew has dropped the anchor at Lazarus Island!

The personnel will assist you in setting up the water toys at the same time.

The team will also begin cooking them if you have made a reservation with us for the BBQ add-on. So, when the staff prepares your meal, just sit back and unwind (or enjoy some exciting water sports).

There, the boat will stay for around three hours.

return to the main island via boat

If you purchased the City Skyline Cruise as an add-on, we’ll depart from the Marina and sail to the Marina Bay Sands area so you can take in the scenery before heading back.

Please be aware that this is the suggested route. Feel free to talk with your captain if you want to create your own itinerary. The places we may visit will be similar in nature due to the constraints in Singapore.

Singapore yacht club: yacht rental companies

Each boat has a unique collection of amenities, some of which will better fit your requirements than others. Some boats have a higher capacity, making them ideal for larger gatherings like parties and business functions.


Two hulls that are parallel to one another and connected by a frame make up a catamaran boat. It can typically be either sail- or engine-powered.

Additionally, a catamaran has two motors, one in each hull. The advantage of this twin-engine setup is that it makes docking and sea navigation simpler. Additionally, it enables the majority of contemporary catamarans to do 360-degree turns inside their own length.

Very stable

Compared to monohulls, catamarans are substantially more stable. They don’t rock and roll like monohulls do because of the twin-hull configuration. This is especially helpful if you’re travelling with elderly or small children who might not be as sturdy on their feet.

You and your guests may move around the deck and the inside of the yacht more easily when it is moving since a catamaran is less vulnerable to the impacts of wave activities. If you are prone to seasickness, you will also experience less motion than on a monohull.

Power catamaran Leopard 51 has room for 33 people with ease.

Very spacious

Given the twin-hull layout, catamarans generally provide far more living space compared to monohulls of similar sizes. The space in catamarans is also maximised for the entire length of the boat, making them roomier than monohulls.

Their cabins are often more spacious, and the galley, main salon, and dining areas are usually above the water level.

Plus, some sailing catamarans come with fabric nets that stretch across the hulls and frames. These nets are useful especially if you and your guests love to lounge on the deck and enjoy the sea breeze.

If you’re planning to invite a large group for your yacht party, you might want to consider renting a catamaran. It’s a more suitable yacht for a wedding too!

Downside to catamarans

Catamarans have the drawback of providing the person steering them with less input than monohulls do. This implies that while driving on choppy waters, the driver needs to use extra caution.

Sailing yachts

Sailing yachts, as their name indicates, are primarily propelled by sails. For times when there is no wind to move them ahead, they also have engines.

lower operating costs

They are less expensive to run because they mostly rely on wind power and require less motor and gasoline. Additionally, it lowers the expense of maintaining them.

The downside to sailing yachts

The fact that sailing ships are more challenging to sail is one drawback. They must be able to sail and have some sailing knowledge in order to traverse the waterways.

Additionally, the person sailing it would need to be knowledgeable about how the wind, tides, and sail adjustments may all affect sailing.

What do yacht rental services provide?

Such a staycation would enable you and your pals to bond over quality time while making use of the opulent amenities and comfort of a boat. Do you require any additional justifications? More examples follow:

  • Beautiful view – You can enjoy some of the nicest views of the Singaporean coast through yacht charter and boat rental services. The ideal photo opportunity is always waiting, whether you’re sailing in the Marina Bay region or touring the Southern Islands.
  • Fishing – If you enjoy fishing, Singapore yacht rentals are the best option. You may spend your day out on the sea fishing meals because many of the boats and excursions provide all the required equipment.
  • BBQ – Having your BBQ party on the boat is another excellent perk of renting a yacht. It’s a great way to spend the afternoon and evening with family or friends, whether you’re cooking up a storm or just lounging in the sun.
  • Snorkelling and diving – If you enjoy diving and snorkelling, Singapore yacht rentals are the right choice for you. Numerous boats provide snorkelling and diving equipment, allowing you to discover and take in the numerous beauties of aquatic life.
  • Island hopping- One of the nicest things about Singapore yacht rentals is that you can use them to see the region’s numerous stunning islands. There is something for everyone, whether you’re searching for a day vacation or an overnight stay.
  • KTV session – For Singapore yacht rentals huge groups may enjoy, you can even host your own karaoke party. Yacht charters are the ideal location for anyone wishing to sing the night away, whether it’s a bachelorette party or simply a few friends getting together to sing their favourite songs.
  • Catching the dawn or sunset – Last but not least, one of the most romantic aspects of Singapore yacht rentals is the ability to observe the sunrise or sunset from the ocean. There is no better place to capture these lovely moments than with a glass of champagne in your hand and your loved one at your side.


Yacht charter operators in Singapore give their clients a wide range of options, like going on excursions to the region’s numerous stunning islands or enjoying a night of barbecuing on the boat. There is bound to be a charter or hire that meets your needs perfectly given the variety of alternatives available. So why not make a reservation right away and have a memorable day trip or staycation?